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  • Windows Phone 8 Voice Recognition Tips and Tricks?

If you use Windows Phone, it might not be as often as you would like — but in fact there are several very good speech recognition options for this platform. Answer: you wait for someone else to have a go.

Speech – Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 enables you to launch apps with your voice, open communication with contacts, take notes, and search the web. Some apps also allow additional voice interaction. In the Settings menu, open Speech, and view the available options. You may like to Use Speech when the phone is locked , so check this box; you may also like to the device to Read incoming text messages aloud , which can be done with Bluetooth, wired headsets, Bluetooth and headsets, or generally switched on and off.

Having text messages read regardless of the situation could prove embarrassing, of course. You can also choose between a female and male Text-to-Speech voice , and once this choice is made you should proceed to the Speech language option. To deal with this, open the menu and select your preferred language, and wait while it downloads if you have a metered mobile Internet connection, performing this step over WiFi might be wise.

Get mysms - Text from Computer, Messaging - Microsoft Store

For the best results, confirm that Enable Speech Recognition Service is checked. All Windows Phone voice controls are initiated by tapping and holding the Start button and waiting for the prompt. You will notice that some examples are given in the voice recognition box; there is also a help button you can tap for further suggestions. This works for all pre-installed apps, third party apps and even games! Depending on which apps you have installed, you will find that additional voice options are available. You can check these by holding Start , tapping the voice recognition help button labelled with a question mark and swiping to Apps.

For instance, I might be rather peckish after a long day writing, and still have hours to go to beat my deadline. What could I possibly do, with no time to cook? You already use your voice to communicate with people over the phone, right? Windows Phone 8 features voice recognition tools to open a conversation without manually finding and calling the contact yourself, either via phone call, text message or email. Other voice communication is possible. From the email app you can create a New message and after entering the recipient name alternatively you might choose Send email from a contact listed in People tap the Speak button and dictate your message.

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Snip and Sketch update introduces multiple window and zoom functions

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Best Cortana feature missing from Android

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